Our Mission

Certoclave is a registered trademark of Shree Ram Enterprises. Shree Ram Enterprise was formed to make sure that everyone could have access to an international standard of medical aid. We are an ISO 9001:2015 and CE certified company. We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality of goods and services so that the quality of life of the local populace can be improved.

To improve the quality of life for all people through constant innovation and dedication to adopting new and better techniques and methods.

  • An excellent engineering Team
  • Finest Infrastructure
  • Superior Product Quality
  • Customer-Centric Products
  • Dedicated Customer Service and Support
  • Regular Product innovation and Improvements
  • World Class Product with latest Technology

Why Choose Us?

Our Quality

The quality of our products and services is our biggest concerns because only through good quality goods and services can we help the people of the world. That is why we have stringent quality assurance protocols in place so that our quality is never compromised, no matter what.

BMW autoclaves sterilizers

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