BMW Autoclaves Sterilizers

Horizontal Cylindrical/ Rectangular Sterilizers/ Autoclaves
(Fully Automatic with Printer)

Capacity: 100L to 5000L and beyond
Type: Horizontal Cylindrical/Rectangular

Technical Specifications

  • All inner parts are of Stainless Steel quality AISI 304/ 316/ 316L or above
  • Made up of high quality stainless steelmaterial
  • Door is of stainless steel clad plate with silicon rubber gasket to withstand high temperature andpressure
  • Easy radial locking or Sliding Doormechanism
  • Provided with safety valves, pressure- vacuum gauge, digital temperature, steam/ airoutlet
  • Inbuilt or externalboiler
  • Automated machine with PLC multi-cycle option, electric Control panel withprinter
  • Vacuum Purgingprovided
  • Kill kinetics achieved @ 1x 10 -6 in compliance with CPCB/ GlobalNorms


All air that leaves the chamber prior to sterilization is treated as highly infectious and passes through a stringent biological decontamination system that renders the air sterile.


Pre-vacuum air is sterilized by passing it through a 0.2 μmbiological filter. In order to maintain proper and effective filtration, the filter is sterilized in-place during every sterilization cycle.


Double locking safety device prevents door from opening at high pressure and high temperature, Control lock-out switch prevents starting acycle if door is not properlylocked
STEAM SUPPLY : Saturated steam can be supplied to the autoclave from building.