Model : SRE-204


Horizontal Rectangular Double Door Autoclave with fully automatic cycle operation, electrically operated,
Chamber Size:- 915 X 915 X 1500 mm = 1250 L

Fully automatic :

8” touch screen

Online thermal printer

PLC/HMI controlled

Fully covered

Door :


Hinge type door pneumatic cylinder operated both doors.

Door sealed silicon gasket with compressed air.

Inbuilt Vacuum pump :

To withstand negative pressure and create a high vacuum of 26”Hg for efficient drying and sterilization of loads. It will be fitted with the required SS condenser, piping’s and fittings to enable efficient drying with the use of the (5 HP )water ring type vacuum pump with copper condenser.

Material of Construction :

Chamber: Stainless steel 316, Thickness 6mm. Door: Stainless steel 316 quality

Hinge type Double Door: Stainless steel 316 thickness 20mm quality Outer cover: Stainless steel 316 quality

Inbuilt boiler / Steam generator: Stainless steel 316 quality Connecting pipes: Stainless steel 304 quality

Jacket: Stainless steel316quality

Thickness 8mm


Stainless steel 304 quality

Loading / unloading trolley:

Stainless steel quality ss 316 L

Chamber inside two rail material load and unload use to move smooth carriage.

Screen plug bottom of the chamber easy to clean drain

Chamber bottom 2% slope for condensate water.

Chamber safety valve and compound gauge provided with both door front on panel.

Pneumatic line copper and brass.

Indicate gauge jacket, chamber, door gasket mounted on front of panel.

Manual mode provided incase automatic system failure.

Vacuum breaker, safety valve, manual drain valve,

Pipe line :

Stainless steel quality 316L

Door Gasket:

Silicon food grade gasket.

Mounting Panel: Made of Stainless steel 304 quality

Major Components

  • Pneumatic angel valve: U flow make
  • Pressure switch: Indfos make
  • Contactor & Pressure transmitter: ACT
  • Steam trap: German make
  • Water pump: Crompton make
  • Touch screen HMI: 8” make : fuji electric / delta

Printer: maxim make

Working Temperature & Pressure : 121-135oC&1.2-2.4kg/cm2

Electrical Heater Load : 6 kw x 6 nos. – 36 KW + Vacuum pump load 3hp/415v/3ph

Cycle operation mode :

Automatic operated through Microprocessor (PLC), instead of a manual operating valve:-

  • PLC-based microprocessor with the facility of HMI which is incorporated with the
  • Touch Screen HMI will be provided,
  • It will have eight programmed cycles:
    1. High-Pressure High vacuum @ 121°C
    2. High-Pressure High Vacuum @ 134°C
    3. Wrap & unwrap cycle
    4. bowie dick test, 134°C
    5. vacuum leak test

  • Digital displays of Chamber Pressure, temperature, Cycle no., Time & Date, Alarm indicator, Low water indicator
  • Features of HMI – Provision of, Password protection for security, RS 232 port for data communication, In-built Real Time Clock with date and time function,
  • Test: Leak Test and Standard Process test, Bowie & Dick test and vacuum holding


  • Pinter that will automatically and continuously monitor and record dates, time of day, load, identification and operating parameters
  • Safety features :
  • Door locking facility, Low water protection system, Pressure cut off facility and all other necessary safety features
  • Alarms :
  • If chamber leak test failed, If temperature chamber overshoots, Ifchamber temperature rises above the set value, Vacuum pump trip,Sterilizationtimerstopincaseoftemperaturedrop
  • and Sterilization timer reset in case of temperature drop

CERTIFICATION,S : ISO 9001 : 2000,ISO 13485 : 2003 , ISO 14001 : 2015Pressure equipment directive ( PED ), EN 13445, CE CERTIFIED