ETO Ethyleneoxide Sterilizers

Type: Horizontal Rectangular
Capacity: 1 CF – 8 CF (28 L – 250L) (8 Options) & above

Ethylene Oxide (ETO) sterilization is mainly used to sterilize medical and pharmaceutical products that cannot support conventional high temperature steam sterilization – such as devices that incorporate electronic components, plastic packaging or plastic containers.

Note: Low Temperature ETO Sterilization cycle option can be offered in Steam SterilizerSeries

Technical Specifications

  • All inner parts are of Stainless Steel quality AISI 304/ 316/ 316L or above
  • Fully automatic machine with PLCpanel
  • Automatic single sliding/Hinged doormechanism
  • High quality SiliconGasket
  • Excess ETO removalSystem
  • Operating Temperature between 30 o-65 oC
  • With Standard ETO Cartridge or bulkCylinder
  • Cartridge puncturing – inside thechamber
  • Pre & post conditioning is done in the main chamberonly
  • During Sterilization a Microprocessor / PLC controls temperature, Moisture, Gas Injection, Gas Exposure and all critical time and pressure based parameters.
  • Air Pollution Control Device Catalytic Converter System isprovided
  • PLC controlled Digital panel display Operations : 4-8+ Pre-programmed cycle options, with one touch operation, as follows (which can be programmed depending upon heat & moisture sensitivity of instruments) Wrapped Instruments, Normal Cycle, Rapid process for single, open instrument, Leakage Test, (NO LIQUIDS are allowed in theChamber)
  • Error Code and alarm is generated and cycle stops automatically in case any error occurs. Computer Screen displays Error and possible cause andremedy
  • Reports are available in Data, Summary and/or Graph formats for every batch of goodssterilized.
  • User can re-print reports as and when required, using any normalprinter.
  • Digital storage of data cuts cost, saves space, ensures safety of data and negates cost of expensive thermal printing.
  • Continuous display of Temperature, Humidity and Pressure On-line allows user to be aware of Cycle status at alltimes.
  • Cold Cycle (40°C), Warm Cycle (55°C), 7 more user-defined cyclesavailable.
  • 100%ETOgascartridgesuseexactdosage“asperchambersize”.Nobulkycylinderstobeused by inexperienced personnel, causing leakages and hence health and FIRE & SAFETY hazards.
  • ETO gas cartridges is punctured in the chamber only when proper negative pressure and humidity conditions are achieved in thechamber.