industrial autoclaves

Industrial Autoclaves

Type: Horizontal – Rectangular or Cylindrical
Capacity: from 150 L to 5000 L and beyond

Technical Specifications

  • All inner parts are of Stainless Steel quality AISI 304/ 316/ 316L or above
  • All outer body parts are SS or PowderCoated
  • Fully automatic PLC control panel with online printer
  • Short start uptime
  • Option to operate on 121 or1340C
  • Fitted with heavy duty vacuumpump
  • Over 99% of air expulsion throughpurging
  • SteamSterilizerforsterilizationofvariedHospital equipment like gloves, linen, gauze, cotton, instruments, glassware etc. using standard 121°C&134°Ccycleswhicharepre-programmed in the memory of the PLC /Microprocessor
  • Air Filter: 0.01 micron clean air-filter for stabilization of the internal air-pressure from vacuumcondition
  • Safety: Jacket and Chamber Safety valves provided
  • Door safety: Door is automatically locked when chamber is under pressure. For double door models, both doors will not open simultaneously to ensure sterile chainintegrity.
  • Sliding Door Mechanism (Double / Single) motorized All machines are available with conventional hinged doors, or Modern Automatic sliding dooroptions
  • High quality SiliconeGasket
  • Pneumatic Door sealingsystem
  • Stainless Steel Tray/ Trolleysystems
  • Easy Boiler Water FeedingSystem
  • Electrical Steam-generator provided for all models up to a chamber volume of 1000liters.
  • During Sterilization a Microprocessor / PLC controls temperature, Pressure, Steam Injection, Sterilization time, Drying and all other critical time basedparameters.