integrated microwave with inbuilt shredders

Integrated Microwave with Inbuilt Shredders

Biomedical waste management process is essential for healthcare institutions striving to prevent and combat hospital-acquired infections and other biohazards. SRE has developed the IMS range to meet the needs of medical centres, clinics, hospitals and laboratories of all sizes generating anywhere from a few kilos to several tonnes of biohazardous waste per day.

Capacity: 60 L to 2000L
Type: VerticalCylindrical

Technical Specifications

  • Fully automated machine with PLC control panel and online printer
  • Operating temperature up to1100C+
  • Automatic door operatingmechanism
  • Provided with State of Art waste shreddingmechanism
  • High temperature resistant silicongasket
  • Silent vacuum pump
  • Multiple pre programmed cycleoption
  • Leakagetest
  • Low start uptime
  • With audio & visualalarm
  • Steam Generator – OptionalItem
  • Microwave Generator
  • Microbial inactivation Spore up to 6log10, Virus up to 6log10 in compliance with STAATT andNFX30-503

Based on innovative technology which combines grinding with microwave sterilization, SREmachines are ultra-
compact and completely automated. No prior segregation of waste is required. This equipment can transform all types of clinicalby-productsintosterilized,inertandunrecognisablewaste within its single, unique vessel. Once the biomedical waste has been processed, it can then be considered normal municipal waste without any biological risk to anyone handling it. SREsolutions provide traceability, safety and a guaranteed level of sterilization.Theycanalsoprovideamassivereductioninthecost of waste removal compared to other standard solutions (collection, incinerators, autoclaves,chemicals).

The SREcomplies with all international regulations on rendering clinical waste safe (STAATT recommendations) as well as with the strictest standards adopted in numerous countries, most notably standard. The equipment is manufactured in Indian.


Full decontamination – Biohazardous waste is sterilized with microwaves (heat it up to 110°C) and allows microbial inactivation of up to 6log10.

Safe processing – Microwave sterilization technology does not require pressurization, and this removesanyhighpressurerisk.Moreover,themicrowavesareconfinedtotheinsideofthevesseltoavoid operator exposure toradiation.

No liquid effluent – The treatment process does not produce any steam or liquid effluent, which means no consumption of water and no need to include an effluent drainage system in its installation.

No segregation – The SREis suitable for all types of biomedical waste (needles, glass, solids, liquids, etc.)

Easy maintenance – The equipment is built using robust technology. Preventive maintenance plan/calendar with alarm.
Reduces weight by 25% and volume by 80% – Depending upon the type of the Biomedical waste, which is converted to inert waste similar to municipal waste.

Technology – With its automated grinding and microwave sterilization process contained in a single vessel, the SREcan produce bacterial inactivation (higher than 8log10) of biomedical waste in less than 30 minutes, in complete safety and without intermediate handling. Unlike autoclave technologies, our system does not require the vessel to be pressurized. The SREconverts biomedical waste into dry waste which is inert and completely disinfected, reducing its weight by more than 25% and its volume by 80%. The end product is similar to municipal waste and can then be fed into standard urban waste systems.