oilfired incinerators

Oilfired Incinerators

Capacity: 5 kg/hr to 400 kg/hr

Technical Specifications

  • Excellent combustion efficiency throughpyrolysis
  • Two chamber (primary & secondary) system with Air Pollution ControlDevice
  • High energy vanturi scrubber system to meet stringent CPCB/ Global norms
  • Automatic PLC control panel with onlineprinter
  • Automatic chargingsystem
  • 30 m High Chimney (RubberLined)
  • INCINERATORS are constructed with Mild Steel and the body is reinforced with M.S. Angle. The body is painted with heat resistantpaint.
  • Incineration Chamber is insulated with high quality ceramic and rock wool blankets and refractory is made up of high grade Alumina and insulatingbricks.
  • TheIncineratorcomprisesoftwochambers,withheatingatPrimaryChamber850˚Cforburning wasteandSecondaryChamber1000˚Cforexhaustgascombustion.
  • All in compliance with BiomedicalRules
  • Waste Type Hospital/Medical Waste, Industrial Waste, Animal Waste, DomesticWaste
  • We certify that the emission discharge from CECON INCINERATORS shall be within specified limits as prescribed by Central Pollution Control Board & State Pollution ControlBoard.