portable electrical incinerators

Portable Electrical / Oil Fired Incinerators

Capacity: 5 kg/ hr to 50kg/hr
Type: Skid mounted (Ready touse)

Technical Specifications

  • Excellent combustion efficiency throughpyrolysis
  • Two chamber (primary & secondary) system with Air Pollution ControlDevice
  • High energy vanturi scrubber system to meet stringent CPCB norms
  • Automatic PLC control panel with onlineprinter
  • Automatic chargingsystem
  • 8 feet high chimney easy assembly
  • Optional: 30M high rubber lined Chimney on ready foundations
  • All in compliance with BiomedicalRules
  • The Incinerator comprises of two chambers, with heating at PrimaryChamber850˚CforburningwasteandSecondary Chamber1000˚Cforexhaustgascombustion.