Vertical – Cylindrical Type

Capacity : from 35 L to 300 L and beyond

Technical Specifications

  • All inner parts are of Stainless Steel quality AISI304/316/ 316L/ 316Ti or above (as per Customer’s Choice)
  • All outer body parts are SS and/or PowderCoated
  • Fully automatic (MULTIPLE CYCLES) PLC control panel with onlineprinter
  • Short start uptime
  • Option to operate on 121 or 1340C (AnyTemperature)
  • Fitted with heavy duty water ring vacuumpump
  • Over 99% of air expulsion throughpurging
  • 8-20 programmable cycles option for varying loadi.e.
    • Pre Start/ Warmupcycle
    • Leakage Test
    • Bowie+ Dicktest
    • HTM/HelixTest
    • 2-6 cycles for different loads @1210C
    • 2-6 cycles for different loads @1340C
    • Customer’s Choice cycles @1210C
    • Customer’s Choice cycles @1340C
  • Hinged/Sliding Door Mechanism:manual/motorized
  • High quality SiliconeGasket
  • Door sealing system(mechanical/Pneumatic/Steam)
  • Fitted with HEPAfilter
  • Stainless Steel Tray/ Trolleysystems
  • Easy Boiler Water FeedingSystem
  • With cycle completionAlarm

Optional Models

  • FLASH/RAPID/ HIGH SPEED Sterilization Cycle option @ 1340C
  • SEMI AUTOMATIC @ 1210C or 1340C with MULTI-PORT (manual) operation withoutprinter
  • SINGLE CYCLE Automatic machine without printer @ 1210C or 1340C

Optional Features

  • Automatic Boiler water Feeding/ Emptyingsystem
  • Steam Door sealing system (instead of pneumaticsystem)
  • Online Circular Data Plotter (instead of onlinePrinter)
  • Sterilized air injection for vacuum breakingcycle